6 Reasons For Companies To USE Cloud For Their Business!

23 February 2016

We live in a world equipped with cloud technology yet we are unaware of it. When we send our message to a friend on our smart phone, share our photo, check our e-mail or social media we exactly use virtual servers and take the benefits of the cloud technology. If cloud is just next to us any moment, then why not to migrate our business to cloud now?

It is not as difficult as one might think to forget about all the infrastructure requirements, need of CPU, memory and having technical support 24/7-365 a year in order to meet fully automated infrastructure. For instance, SkyAtlas “Real Cloud Platform” is just a click away to take the best advantages of the cloud benefits.

If you are still not sure about using the cloud technology let’s list the 6 benefits in this article to get rid of the significant questions.

1. Cost Advantage Cloud is absolutely cheaper than the traditional way of doing business. There is almost no capital investment in cloud. The Pay-As-You-Go Billing is one of the most fundamental benefits within cloud technology. Furthermore, you can immediately try SkyAtlas “Real Cloud Products” free now.

2. Dynamic Scaling 

Think of your personal computer. Imagine that you can increase the memory needless to restart your computer. Doesn’t it sound amazing? It is extremely a simple process in the cloud infrastructure. Skyatlas cloud -based services are completely formed based upon your needs. Manual intervention is no longer a necessity. You can change your processor and memory needs in real time with a single click.

3. Disaster Recovery  Whether you run a large or a small business, this is one of the most important issues that you will probably face one day. Business matters. Big data means big responsibility. Nobody wants to confront with irreversible results in data loss. It is not only about saving data but also accomplishing your business rapidly. At this point, literally a significant advantage of cloud technologies appears. Having global quality of SkyAtlas Products and services you make use of a seamless IT infrastructure. SkyAtlas is offering the most intelligent solutions to customers about disaster recovery and business sustainability.

4. Infrastructure Management In addition, running your business in cloud servers you will never deal with issues likely to be encountered. The point is that you don’t deal with details. You just monitor the system, and see issues handled automatically. Likewise, you can forget about spending time for maintenance and repairing. Thanks to SkyAtlas Cloud Technology, your system always runs smoothly. Thus, you can allocate your time managing your real business rather than coping with issues.

5. Security Security is one of the primary subjects for any company in the globe. In this regard, cloud servers deliver the most advanced and high-security solutions to users. If needed, Skyatlas infrastructure fully works on an isolated platform from outer world and other networks in high-security basis. You can create your own sub ​​networks and manage your operation in peace. In this way, your data is in secure. Moreover, SkyAtlas high-security cloud platform provides you a user-friendly interface so that you can easily manage preferred security settings in a very short time.

6.Technical Support

Everybody needs to ask for technical support someday. Almost every provider company also offers support services, however, it might not always be able to get in touch with real experts so easily. On the other hand, it takes long time in general, to get reply for an assistance. Skyatlas cloud infrastructure supplies you a unique service via e-mail, phone or you can also have a live chat with SkyAtlas engineers 24/7-365 a year.