skyatlas cloud server

Managed Services

You can leave your systems' and applications' management over SkyAtlas's cloud infrastructure to the SkyAtlas team, each of which specializes in the field. Managed Services ensure that your infrastructure and applications are continuously monitored and managed and your business is continuous.

Within the scope of Managed Services, you can use the following services:

Installation & Deployment

  • Network Installation
  • Server Installation
  • Storage Installation
  • Private Cloud Deployment

Cloud Operations

  • Cloud Server Configuration
  • Block Storage Management
  • Object Storage Management
  • VPN Management
  • Database Management
  • Load balancer Management
  • Snapshot Management
  • Backup as a Service

Proactive Management

  • System and Event Management
  • CPU, RAM, Disk and Network Usage Monitoring
  • System Patch Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Version Upgrades

Consultancy Services

  • Architecture Advisory Services

With Managed Services;

  • You run your infrastructure over the cloud as flexible and accessible from anywhere
  • You ensure the continuity of your work
  • Your IT departments become business-oriented rather than infrastructure