skyatlas network

Network Infrastructure

SkyAtlas Network Services

With OpenStack's power and flexibility, SkyAtlas infrastructure allows you to easily configure network services that your infrastructure needs. With Software Defined Network components, you can install all network infrastructure in a real data center with only a few clicks.

Virtual Private Cloud

You can create high security subnets with SkyAtlas. Thus, your servers work totally isolated from outer world and SkyAtlas network. For example, your web server may be defined in an internet-connected network and your database server which contains your crucial information may be defined in an intranet subnet. Furthermore, you can perform all these with one or two clicks with visual tools provided by SkyAtlas. You can create infinite subnets and partition and manage your infrastructure with them.

Security Groups

You can protect your SkyAtlas network infrastructure with Security Groups. You can add or remove ports easily via user interface.

With Network Infrastructure;

  • Real network management on cloud with Software Defined Network
  • High Security Network Infrastructure
  • Subnet creation and web traffic routing with virtual routers
  • Extra security rules for your infrastructure with security groups