The World runs on Openstack

29 December 2016

OpenStack is a rapidly evolving open source cloud platform, backed by a global community of technology vendors and individual contributors. Growing maturity in both code and governance drives adoption beyond that initial set of tech vendors and service providers that were interested in OpenStack itself as a new technology. Figures from the OpenStack User Survey, […]



12 April 2016

Whether you call it Industry Revolutıon 4.0 or Industry 4.0 Revolutıon we can state that it is going to hit the headlines within this decade. Most of the people think that the motivation in that is to move the production to developed countries, however, the digital transformation is the most significant case about it. What […]


Capsule Technology in Cloud Computing

01 April 2016

In this article, we are going to give you information about how to set up your servers rapidly. First, let’s check out how hard it is to carry out that mission in traditional IT management. It needs dozens of servers or hundreds of computers in order to run the IT operation even for a small […]


Manage Your Data Safely

21 March 2016

IT managers must know how hard it is to protect a data centers and to set it up. Data security issue starts from the software size and continues towards the hardware issues. In this sense, we can state that one of the most significant advantages of cloud computing is to provide safety equipment starting from […]


Cloud Computing Vs. Virtual Machines

01 March 2016

As we are all experiencing the full intensity of the “Digital Conversion“, IT is the major part of the strategic decision in these days. The role of the technological infrastructure takes place in the core of whole transformation. Therefore, IT field is mostly talking about virtual server and cloud computing benchmark recently. In this article, […]


6 Reasons For Companies To USE Cloud For Their Business!

23 February 2016

We live in a world equipped with cloud technology yet we are unaware of it. When we send our message to a friend on our smart phone, share our photo, check our e-mail or social media we exactly use virtual servers and take the benefits of the cloud technology. If cloud is just next to […]


What Is OpenStack Cloud Platform and What Is In It For Your Business?

04 February 2016

If we could go back in time just for one decade, we would clearly see that all software applications were running on  standard servers. Every new application needed a new server and hardware at that time. As the number of applications increased  this revealed the need of more processor power and RAM which meant more […]



01 September 2015

Welcome! We have started working life as a first and only real cloud infrastructure provider in Turkey at 2014 as a Skyatlas. By running our infrastructure installed on a lot of data center and designed for only IaaS, we welcomed our very first happy customers. We provide first cloud server based on Openstack to our […]