skyatlas block storage

Block Storage

Block Storage

With SkyAtlas block storage service, you can have high performance and scalable storage that can connect to your cloud servers. Block storage spaces are permanently stored on SkyAtlas infrastructure independent from your servers. If required, it is also possible to boot your cloud server on block storage volume. You can consider block storage spaces as virtual and high-performance disks.

IOPS Provisioned Block Storage

Database operations or other applications involving intensive disk writing and reading operations require high IOPS values. Provisioned IOPS service provides high performance storage solution for your applications by addressing this need on cloud infrastructure. This service is the first and only cloud storage solution providing IOPS support in Turkey. We can provide block storage performance from 400 IOPS to 2000 IOPS based on your needs.

Block Storage provides;

  • Flexible and high performance storage solution
  • Booting your cloud servers on block storage
  • Using your block storage by attaching them to any cloud server that you want.
  • Maximum performance guarantee with IOPS allocation when you require high performance
  • Creating new storage space with APIs or dashboard