<p>Live Vertical Resize</p>
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Auto Scaling is a SkyAtlas patent pending technology. Thanks to this feature, resource requirements of your servers are tracked real-time, and the processor and memory values of your existing servers are automatically increased or decreased (live vertical scaling). Furthermore, reboot is not required while your server scale is changing and your applications will keep operating without any disruptions.

You will not have to make a schedule or intervene when the server experiences heavy loads. Your applications will operate with the required maximum performance. Similarly, when your resource usage is low, your processor and memory values will be decreased to minimize your costs. With SkyAtlas, you will not pay for the capacity that you've bought, you will pay for the capacity that you use. Also, as you will not have to reserve time/resource for system administration, you will have the chance to focus on more important tasks.

  • You will only pay for what you use
  • You will not have to make schedules or make unneccessary investments for heavy-load periods
  • You will benefit from the advantages of instant scaling without changing your applications and infrastructure to perform scaling on your cloud