skyatlas cloud server

Cloud Server

SkyAtlas cloud servers are designed to provide both high performance and flexibility that your business will require. You can transfer your company to a real cloud platform by picking one of the server subscriptions.

SkyAtlas cloud servers feature Live Vertical Resize technology. This technology has been developed by SkyAtlas and the patent process is still ongoing. Thanks to Live Vertical Resize, our cloud servers can expand or shrink based on the workloads. So, you only pay what you use and you will never have to make a capacity planning.


SkyAtlas Cloud Server provides;

  • High Performance Intel Xeon Processors
  • Reserved only to you, your processors are never shared
  • Pay for what you use, not for what you've bought with Live Vertical Resize
  • Instantly ready servers in seconds
  • Your favorite applications and operating systems are on your cloud server with one click
  • Snapshot back-up and new server creation feature
  • 20 Gbit intranet, 100 Mbit instant extranet access
skyatlas high performance

High Performance

Intel Xeon Processors are used in our cloud servers.

skyatlas pay as in go

Pay-per-Use Platform

You will pay for what you have used not what you have bought with SkyAtlas servers. Resource requirements of your servers are tracked real-time, and the processor and memory values of your existing servers are automatically increased or decreased

skyatlas setup

Quick Installation

Your servers are ready in one minute! You can immediately start to use our infrasructure after creating account.