Cloud Computing Vs. Virtual Machines

01 March 2016

As we are all experiencing the full intensity of the “Digital Conversion“, IT is the major part of the strategic decision in these days. The role of the technological infrastructure takes place in the core of whole transformation. Therefore, IT field is mostly talking about virtual server and cloud computing benchmark recently. In this article, we reveal the differences between cloud computing the latest technology and virtual servers.

Scalability (Enlarging & Downsizing of Source)

Almost in every IT operation you may need more processing power and hardware.  This case is one of the most significant moments that IT department has to be agile. Most likely, it takes hours in traditional way for scaling.  Furthermore, you may even need to buy a brand new hardware. Whereas, all you need is just a few clicks via scaling in cloud computing.  Thanks to SkyAtlas’ “Dynamic Scaling” feature, resource requirements of your servers are tracked real-time, and the processor and memory values of your existing servers are automatically increased or decreased (live vertical scaling). Top all, you don’ have to turn off your applications or sessions in order to fulfill your need. Dynamic Scaling avoids all possible interruptions.


Sustainability in IT process specifies the operations’ quality directly. Users want to reach and connect services any time without an interruption. Virtual servers’ capability is not adequate to prevent the failures and damages in a possible disaster or crisis. The implementation of an infrastructure to avoid these cases is often not possible on the virtual server as the costs are extremely high and there is always a lack of time. Whereas, thanks to Skyatlas’ Live Migration and redundant Cloud Infrastructure you can get advantage of a guaranteed service continuity. Your cloud services on Skyatlas Cloud Platform can always continue running without any interruption.


In order to get a continuous service in virtual servers you depend on your business plan which should be created for the worst cases and limited time issue.  Unfortunately, that means wasted money in your budget. However, In Skyatlas Cloud Service you Pay-As-You-Go. Using a fast and scalable service, you don’t have to make your plans according to rush hours and effort unnecessary costs.


The more hardware you use in IT business the more you consume energy. On the other hand, cloud computing means a greener world. Cloud technology is more eco-friendly than the virtual machines, traditional way of IT process and in-house data centers. Because you create a carbon footprint only just as much as the energy you need.

The latest technologyIT industry is the most open business field for innovation. Therefore, every new device reveals a new technology. Actually, we can say that, this fact goes ahead of Moore’s Law. Even if you have the latest technology on a virtual server, you may experience the lack of technological capabilities after a while. Thanks to the infrastructure that is renewed every moment, SkyAtlas cloud technology, gives you the opportunity to establish up-to-date equipment. On account of this, cloud computing is the most advanced technology available to an IT department. It is likely to hear to words “BCC” (before cloud computing) and “ACC” (after cloud computer).