12 April 2016

Whether you call it Industry Revolutıon 4.0 or Industry 4.0 Revolutıon we can state that it is going to hit the headlines within this decade. Most of the people think that the motivation in that is to move the production to developed countries, however, the digital transformation is the most significant case about it.

What is digital transformation? We simply can determine it as CAMPS.

C Cloud

A Analytics

M Mobility

P Productivity

S Security

Put it simply, a company that is aspiring to generate the digital transformation must begin its pace with cloud computing and complete it with the security issues. Thus, that path will not only make adaptation of the company to the digital transformation but also to 4.0 Industry Revolution.

Cloud computing which has been the focus of the enterprises for a long time is the first step of the related transformation. However, is it really necessary for small companies? In other words, is the cloud computing what is needed for Big Data? The answer refers to the 2 important motivations of the business world. One is sustainability and the second one is economy. We already know that the case of diminishing costs is the most important issue for business.

According to the report of TUSIAD (Turkish Industry & Business Association) the most essential motivation in 4.0 Industry Revolution is costs. After all, aren’t those concepts themselves rely on the economy; Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Additive Manufacturing, IoT, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing?

In this case, we can clearly see the importance of Cloud Computing. Whatever you call it, in 4.0 Industry Revolution stands the Cloud Computing in the center. On the other hand, it is not always easy to reach the best Cloud Computing. Most people do not understand the difference between virtualization and the Cloud Computing. However, thanks to SkyAtlas you can get the best advantages of cloud any time. Because, the “Real Cloud Computing” is providing cloud servers via “Pay As You Go”, “Hourly Billing” and on “Truly Elastic” Cloud Platform. For the detailed information you can visit