Manage Your Data Safely

21 March 2016

IT managers must know how hard it is to protect a data centers and to set it up. Data security issue starts from the software size and continues towards the hardware issues. In this sense, we can state that one of the most significant advantages of cloud computing is to provide safety equipment starting from all layers of hardware. Providing “Business Sustainability” SkyAtlas, with its strong ecosystem, is “the most reliable cloud platform”.

What is the reason for cloud computing to be more reliable than traditional IT management? It is while you use energy in order to store and transfer data in traditional IT management, you are able to focus on security in cloud computing instead.

Besides, it is extremely important to acknowledge whether your cloud service is secure enough or not.  Your cloud service provider must have ISO-27001, the certificate of information security management standards, at least.  Of course, this is just the beginning. Apart from this fact, service provider should not confuse with the data and information of its own customers in the management process.

For instance, you can create high-security subnets on SkyAtlas Cloud Platform. By this way, your servers can operate in a manner of isolated from the outside world completely and SkyAtlas’ network itself as well. Furthermore, you can not only create your web server on an open network but also create your database server in which you keep your essential data on a closed subnet that is isolated from outside.  Put it simply, you can manage all operation so easily with a few clicks on SkyAtlas’ visual tools. Finally, you are able to have unlimited subnets by allocating your network into divisions.

Finally, as nobody wants to lose his data, SkyAtlas offers Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity thanks to more than one data center. You can always set up your IT infrastructure and services in a smooth and enterprise-quality cloud environments.