The World runs on Openstack

29 December 2016

OpenStack is a rapidly evolving open source cloud platform, backed by a global community of technology vendors and individual contributors. Growing maturity in both code and governance drives adoption beyond that initial set of tech vendors and service providers that were interested in OpenStack itself as a new technology.

Figures from the OpenStack User Survey, fielded every six months, show continued growth in the number of code committers, the number of participating companies,and the number and size of OpenStack clouds. According to the latest survey, OpenStack is seeing adoption across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific with a breakdown in survey respondents of 47%, 22%, and 27%, respectively.1

Since 2010, community (IT Business Leaders Cloud Practitioners Application Developers) comes together at Openstack Summits to Hear case studies about how cloud is saving money and impacting business. Gain the tools to evaluate OpenStack providers. The Summits are scheduled every six months, immediately after each OpenStack software release cycle. First summit of this year was at Austin and the last one was at Barcelona in October 25-28. While the initial summits took place in US, due its world wide acceptance summits started to take place in different places of the world like Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo etc. Next ones are already scheduled to be at Boston and Sydney, on May and November 2017 respectively.

More than 5,200 OpenStack professionals and enthusiasts gathered in Barcelona, Spain to attend the 2016 OpenStack Summit. Event was rich in activity, from the keynotes to the break-out sessions to the marketplace to the evening events and the project work sessions.

Some important take aways from Barcelona summit are:

  • Whether you’re a big bank with big data, a media company delivering millions of streams, or a researcher studying billions of stars, OpenStack is the versatile, reliable platform for the work that matters.
  • The growing influence and importance of OpenStack in the Cloud Computing market is undisputed. And the enormous support of  hundreds of well known brands as well as a thriving community is no coincidence. The opportunity of shaping cloud infrastructure with this kind of flexibility is special.
  • A multinational, flexible, affordable and secure public cloud of Deutsche Telekom: The OpenTelekomCloud – a unique offering throughout the cloud computing market that is pushing the boundaries of a large-scale public cloud helping to tighten OpenStack as Open Source Cloud Standard. 
  • Scientific research has been one of the biggest use cases for OpenStack since its inception. CERN is running more than 190K OpenStack cores for for capturing, analyzing and storing data from the Large Hadron Collider. 
  • OpenStack stacked up as the clear winner for interoperability and innovation today and for the future.


(1)    Source: “User survey identifies leading industries and business drivers for OpenStack adoption,” OpenStack Superuser, May 14, 2015 (