01 September 2015


We have started working life as a first and only real cloud infrastructure provider in Turkey at 2014 as a Skyatlas. By running our infrastructure installed on a lot of data center and designed for only IaaS, we welcomed our very first happy customers. We provide first cloud server based on Openstack to our customer in Turkey. In addition to this, we developed a patented technology called as a Dynamic Scaling which is world-embracing. Due to the technology that we use our cloud servers are capable of the realizing traffic immediately and then increase or decrease processors and memories values automatically. Therefore, your IT infrastructure becomes flexible without any intervention and deactivate planning and unnecessary investment for your rush-hours. In addition to this, you pay only what you have used.

Even if Turkey falls behind the cloud revolution, many firms transform into the their structure to the cloud or they establish their infrastructure from scratch in every single passing day. Especially firms which realize significance of the cloud computing decrease their costs and beat their rivals with flexible structures. One of the our goals assist the firms in Turkey to create a success story which we get used to heard from abroad by introducing them to the cloud computing.

We will write subjects like what firms will gain by moving to the cloud platform or what they should pay attention while they are choosing cloud partner at the Skyatlas Blog. Also we aim to decrease chaos in the field of cloud services in Turkey. If you want us to write any subjects you can always contact with us


Skyatlas Team