What Is OpenStack Cloud Platform and What Is In It For Your Business?

04 February 2016

If we could go back in time just for one decade, we would clearly see that all software applications were running on  standard servers. Every new application needed a new server and hardware at that time. As the number of applications increased  this revealed the need of more processor power and RAM which meant more servers. So, a new task rose in a short time by means of hosting, maintaining  and managing new servers and applications.

In this case, virtualization came into our lives. As hardware technology developed rapidly, software programs were able to be run on virtualized machines via hypervisors. Companies needed more related sources thanks to the advantages in terms of cost efficiency and productivity, and the Big Data fact. There should be an innovative way of solution for hardware management.

Soon after, hardware need was fulfilled. However, companies should improve the user experience. A solid solution built on automation and on-demand was a must for system administrators and developers.

At this point, as we go back for 5 years from now, we can see NASA and Rackspace developing OpenStack cloud platform whether hypervisors are in different locations or in the same data center. The goal was providing the cloud services  developed and running on industry standard hardware for any company via OpenSatck the open-source cloud system.

OpenStack which is also known as the “Linux” of the cloud technology, is one of the leading players via its  IaaS (Infrastructure As a Service) model. Open source components distributed under the Apache license started to be used by  global major companies and they were developed by joint efforts of thousands of developers each and every day. and

On the other hand, SMEs and startups are in need of scaling in order to attain the digital transformation. Those kind of companies have comparatively less organization cost. Nevertheless, we know that they are in search of a cloud solution so as to adapt to their growing business volume. For this reason, to meet the need of scaling and management SkyAtlas technology  is developed  on  OpenStack cloud platform which is being used by global outstanding companies use such as eBay and HP.

SkyAtlas infrastructure, which is developed by the strong ecosystem of OpenStack and the high qualified SkyAtlas engineers, is a  reliable platform that  companies easily and safely manage their IT processes.  As the  first and the only “real” cloud provider utilizing OpenStack platform in Turkey, we provide  much more than virtualized servers , including   backup,  storage, , , network and security infrastructure.  Having our Data Centers  all  located in Turkey and with our highly qualified engineers who speak Turkish natively and support you 7/24, we work hard for your specific requirements

For an easily managed, flexible experience where you’ll pay as you use, try our SkyAtlas solutions,  now!